Published undergraduate thesis

After seeing thousands of poverty-stricken children during a visit to Bangladesh, Robert Felder was determined to find a way to make better clothes available to kids. He created Bearbottom Clothing to sell affordable, high-quality shorts online and then use the revenue to fund the production in Bangladesh. A double major (business management and food & resource economics) at UF, Felder went on to launch the 2 Bearbottoms program at his company, which donates one pair of shorts to a child in need for every pair sold online. He is also serving as 2016 homecoming chairman.

The Purdue Journal of Service-Learning (PJSL) , a multi-disciplinary Open Access journal available in print and online, is dedicated to students who conduct projects with strong service-learning and academic civic engagement aspects. By involving students in an intensive writing activity and showcasing the opportunities available at Purdue, the journal will enhance the use and effectiveness of the pedagogy of service-learning as a high-impact learning methodology. Click here to access PJSL

Take the LIGO experiment: it successfully detected gravitational waves from the collision of two black holes. William & Mary had two researchers on the LIGO paper — and one was an undergraduate. That’s not so unusual: William & Mary undergrads often appear as co-authors on papers published in peer-reviewed journals.  Closer to home, a group of student geologists are working to rewrite the geological history of a portion of central Virginia with the . Geological Survey, and are well on their way to publication as undergraduates.

Published undergraduate thesis

published undergraduate thesis


published undergraduate thesispublished undergraduate thesispublished undergraduate thesispublished undergraduate thesis