Master thesis scholarships

The program enables students to create simple websites and multimedia with great communicative impact. An effective knowledge base of HTML language and of its most popular editors and applications such as Dreamweaver and Fireworks is transferred to the students to boost their technical abilities. The program also presents one of the most popular cms platform, its installation procedure, the creation of a Mysql database. Having completed the technical training, the students can produce their own website or digital application as a part of the personal branding assignment.

Based on CNN’s report, Clarke cited his sources in the paper but did not actually delineate his references from his own words and ideas with quotation marks, which amounts to plagiarism under the school’s guidelines. The situation bears a resemblance to the plagiarism allegations against Monica Crowley, whose respective review is still ongoing. Among the sources which Clarke plagiarized from are multiple ACLU reports, the 9/11 Commission Report, the Pew Research Center, a Washington Post report, and many other sources. The paper has been removed from the Naval Postgraduate School’s website as per standard procedure.

Master thesis scholarships

master thesis scholarships


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