Madison's essays

These amendments guarantee our individual rights as citizens, such as the freedom of speech, religion and the press (in the First Amendment). Seen here is a copy of Madison's notes for his speech introducing the Bill of Rights on the floor of the House of Representatives. In 1785, Madison had written one of the most significant essays regarding separation of religion and government (often referred to as the separation of church and state), which no doubt gave him inspiration for some of the Bill of Rights.
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Around 10 weeks (8 weeks with Ainsley) we dropped the swaddle and the paci at the same time cold turkey. It made for a rough couple days with both girls, short naps and more night wakings, but it was well worth the effort in the end. We transitioned Ainsley into a Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit after the swaddle, but that’s not approved for when they can roll, so with Collins we decided to go straight to the Zipadee-Zip and it worked like a charm. Plus, that’s one less thing to worry about transitioning out of since they can wear it until they are much older.

Madison's papers are also held by private and public libraries as well as in museum and historical society collections worldwide. Conveniently for the PJM staff, the University of Virginia Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library [11] holds a large collection of original Madison documents. As a founding member of the University's Board of Visitors, and its second rector after Jefferson's death in 1826, Madison corresponded on a multitude of topics related to the early years of the University. Small Library holds not only these official documents, but also a significant number of Madison papers donated over the years in acknowledgement of the key place Madison holds in the University's history.

Madison's essays

madison's essays


madison's essaysmadison's essaysmadison's essaysmadison's essays