Gilgamesh essay thesis

Read the epic of Gilgamesh and Mesopotamian stories of the flood, creation, and others. Only recently found – 1800′s and recently understood. Read Tablet X of the Epic of Gilgamesh and then compare to ECCLESIASTES 9:7-9. Herbews took the stories of the Babylonians while in captivity. They copied their stories (see and used them for their own. Christians then did the same. THIS HAS BEEN SHOWN BY SCHOLARS AND EVIDENCE FROM ARCHEOLOGICAL FINDINGS. It is one big lie that we live. We must go back to our roots and reestablish the truth, justice, moderation, and equality. Learn Ancient Greek and read pre-christian works and you will see the truth. Herakles, Dionysus, etc… were humans but seen as gods which were born of a human mother but had a god as their father. Jesus is the same story told over again and again. Put the stories you have learned in the context of history not the year 2010. Herakles raised people form the dead, performed miracles, etc. Dionysus was denied by others that he was a god. Doesn’t this sound familiar? Ancient sources were destroyed by Christians because they did not want you to know the truth. Voltaire was on the right track about religion but didn’t know about DNA or the Epic of Gilgamesh. From this we can deduce that we have the story wrong. Christians kill, Hebrews have stolen a land from others based on false pretenses and lies. The tradition now continues in Islam which suppresses women and cultures. The question is what do we do about it? People live with morals and values that are not based on religion everyday. The Ancients did the same. Why can’t we. One people, one moral code, one life. Enough is enough with war and death. Particular providence makes more sense. We are all the same. We are human beings. Know your past.

In fact, in November 2011 an international petition was formally launched to ask UNESCO —in the light of the increasing marginalization of the classical languages—to declare Latin and Greek a specially protected “intangible heritage of humanity.” I am not sure what I think about treating classical languages as if they were an endangered species or a precious ruin, but I am fairly confident that it wasn’t great politics, right now, to suggest (as the petition does) that their preservation should be made the particular responsibility of the Italian government. I think Mario Monti has rather too much on his plate already.

The chief device of ancient Hebrew Biblical poetry , including many of the psalms , was parallelism , a rhetorical structure in which successive lines reflected each other in grammatical structure, sound structure, notional content, or all three. Parallelism lent itself to antiphonal or call-and-response performance, which could also be reinforced by intonation . Thus, Biblical poetry relies much less on metrical feet to create rhythm, but instead creates rhythm based on much larger sound units of lines, phrases and sentences. [40] Some classical poetry forms, such as Venpa of the Tamil language , had rigid grammars (to the point that they could be expressed as a context-free grammar ) which ensured a rhythm. [41] In Chinese poetry , tones as well as stresses create rhythm. Classical Chinese poetics identifies four tones : the level tone, rising tone, departing tone, and entering tone . [42]

Gilgamesh essay thesis

gilgamesh essay thesis


gilgamesh essay thesisgilgamesh essay thesisgilgamesh essay thesisgilgamesh essay thesis