Codeine essay

Recall that I used the term antecedent , like all coroners do when assessing a cause of death. Given Dr. Torrent's observations -- and all the facts compiled from forty years -- if I were the coroner completing Elvis Presley's death certificate today, I'd write it like this:

Identity of Deceased -- Elvis Aaron Presley .
Time of Death -- Approximately 2:00 . on Tuesday, August 16th, 1977 .
Place of Death -- 3754 Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee .
Cause of Death -- Cardiac arrhythmia antecedent to hypertensive cardiovascular disease with atherosclerotic heart disease antecedent to polypharmacy antecedent to autoimmune inflammatory disorder antecedent to traumatic brain injury .
Means of Death -- Cumulative Head Trauma .

I have soaked 1 or 2 cups of poppy seeds in lemon juice for about an hour; the acidic juice eats through the skin of the seed and releases the opium. I then strained the juice into a cup, added cold water and heaps of honey, and ice. I can attest the resulting drink is more potent than many of the prescription pill opiates. My flatmate was studying to be a pharmacologist so I felt comfortable with his assurance that I wouldn’t die, but I could see it becoming as addictive as anything else. So yes, you can get a dose from just seeds. Carefully.

Codeine essay

codeine essay


codeine essaycodeine essaycodeine essaycodeine essay