Alcoholism and drug addiction essay

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Christian’s candor has deepened her fans’ appreciation, and many of them have been heartened to discover that the invincible space queen suffered problems much like their own, as she first depicted in her 2012 memoir, Babylon Confidential: A Memoir of Love, Sex, and Addiction . She details a glamorous life at Paris restaurants and yachts in the Mediterranean, but doesn’t hide her dark moments, either. Her 14-year-old brother was killed by a drunk driver while riding his bike in Texas, tearing a hole in her close-knit family. At 15, Christian was raped by a neighbor, but felt too ashamed to ever report the crime. She underwent several abortions, and suffered multiple miscarriages.

Alcoholism and drug addiction essay

alcoholism and drug addiction essay


alcoholism and drug addiction essayalcoholism and drug addiction essayalcoholism and drug addiction essayalcoholism and drug addiction essay